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Vocational and technical qualifications

Invigilating reformed Functional Skills Qualifications

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Ball-point pen lying at an angle across a set of equations printed on a sheet of paper.

Reformed Functional Skills Qualifications (FSQs) in English and maths have been in the market for a few weeks now and schools, colleges and training providers are getting to grips with them.  At present, qualifications from nine awarding organisations, across the …

Setting standards in new Functional Skills qualifications

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An offset stack of five exercise books, one yellow, one red, one grey, one green and one blue.

Starting this September, hundreds of thousands of learners will begin studying reformed Functional Skills qualifications (FSQs) in English and maths, offered by a number of different awarding organisations. At levels 1 and 2 these qualifications are used in apprenticeships and …

Applied Generals and Tech Levels this summer

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person writing in exercise book, mug and other papers on desk

Around 200,000 16 to 18-year-old students took Applied Generals or Tech Level qualifications in 2018 in subjects areas ranging from applied science, business, and health and social care, to accountancy and horticulture. This blog discusses how the qualifications are assessed and regulated to ensure fairness for all those who take them.

We’re looking for experts in vocational and technical qualifications

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Welding a pipe

We're seeking external subject experts, to complement our expertise in assessment and regulation, who can help shape new qualifications by evaluating assessments and scrutinising qualifications. Working as a subject expert Ofqual experts are independent contractors who are paid for the …

Quality assuring new apprenticeships: 101

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Photo of a girl holding a goose. Seriously.

There are many elements to get right with new apprenticeships, including defining clearly what an apprentice should be learning and designing appropriate assessments to test the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices are expected develop. With many organisations involved it is important that we work together.